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Ai - stock-bottom into an 87 box

I'm getting all the components together for this project. I'm tearing down a low-mile 96 Camaro motor with 643 castings on it. Heads are going to Ai for their 190cc magic.

The end goal is low-mid 12s in a 3900lb car with the supporting mods. Good driveability (like wife-driveable). Cam undecided, leaning towards AI's 220/226. Would prefer not to spin the factory long block over 6200.

Block looks pretty good, other than some minor etching on the rod bearings (no copper showing). Bores will need a hone, but not an overbore. Crank near perfect.

The plan is new rings, bearings, and seals. Clip the deck for quench around .035" with stock pistons. Align-hone the mains. Polish the crank. Resize the rods with ARP fasteners. New Melling SV oil pump. Am I missing anything?

The issue is getting exhaust out of it with these #### angle-plug heads! What kind of headers provide the best plug clearance? Afterburners? Tri-Y (gen 1 or 2)? Are they going to be a hindrance power-wise? I think the Quad-1s are probably overkill for a 350.

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