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That's good to hear on the GEN 1 Tri-Ys, Atlanta thanks. I take it you're running F-body heads?

Ballss, yeah I'm grabbing the rest of the running gear from my old 9C1 with a spun bearing. Harness, PCM, LTCC. 3.73 True-trac, 4L60e w/2800 stall. Also, the brake system and spindles so I can run 5X5 wheels all the way around.

I came very close to pulling the trigger on a 6.2 L92 motor to replace the knocking 305. But after many hours of research, it's a lot more money going that direction.

I figure an AI or LE LT1 will run with a cam-only LS and deliver about the same drive ability and mpg, while costing considerably less. No questions about driveshaft angles or engine placement. Plus LT1s are just cool motors to swap.

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