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Whats up everybody!! I hope im putting this in the right place.. My name is Mario from Hayward NorCal Bay Area and proud owner of a 1996 Impala SS and 1964 Impala.. When it comes to radiators stock or high performance engines, especially high performance engines.. If you have an aluminum radiator or high flow radiator 1,2,3,4 row tubes whatever and you're wondering why your engine is still overheating.. Its cuz all that i mentioned is making it worse and overheating your engine even more.. Now aluminum radiators are grounded cuz they're mounted to the radiator support and that creates electrolysis that clogs it all up.. High flow radiators do just that, they flow coolant thru the radiators core/tubes too fast and going back in the engine just as hot as it was coming out meaning not staying in the the radiator long enough to cool down.. The only way and only type of radiator that will cool any engine down is the same exact radiator the car came with from the factory.. Just a LOW FLOW DIMPLED TUBE radiator core.. That will slowly flow coolant thru radiator giving coolant plenty of time to cool down and never overheat.. Plus drilling a hole in your thermostat straight across from that thing that moves around about the same size and never have to bleed your cooling system again
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