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Originally Posted by 4DoorSS View Post
Not sure I agree with much you stated here but will let others respond on what really is the cause of our crud build up and high flow vs time to cool the fluid. A lot of the crud is from the iron block/rust. But in particular, I don't agree with the above part of your quote.

While it is true the rad is installed in the rad support, absolutely NO part of it whether it be a stock rad or All Aluminum touches any metal of the rad support. So there could be no Electrolysis as you described since the radiator is ISOLATED from touching any metal by the upper and lower rubber cushions on each corner. At least that's my thought on how I'm reading that statement.
As long as there is dissimilar materials in a cooling system you WILL get electrolysis IF the proper amount of antifreeze is not added. Water transfers electricity and then add the dissimilar metals and electrolysis happens if not maintaining the proper mixture of coolant to water.

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