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Originally Posted by fuzzcar View Post
2 things killed this car. Styling... The wimpala looks more sporty than it and price... Good gawd 50k!

This price of new cars is just absurd. The used market is going to continue to blossom because every year fewer and fewer Americans will be able to afford new vehicles. The most craptastical A2B ****box is still like 20k.

The SS is one car that I want but just cannot justify.
LOL......what killed this car is that GM never intended to sell more than 3300 of them per year. More than two years later, people still approach me wanting to know WT-actual-F is up with my car.

GM made no effort to to market the car (essentially, zero $$$$ advertising). There's no way for people to be interested in a car if they don't know it exists.

As far a styling is concerned, it's not like our spruced up taxi cabs/police cars are cutting edge in that category.......

And as for pricing.....the SS is more than competitively priced against other brands, equally optioned, in it's class.

All that......and there are no B-bodies that have ever been more fun to drive.

Damn shame the car is being discontinued.....but that's life.

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