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Originally Posted by ace72ace View Post
Best comment evar:

Titanium Firefly
1/10/17 8:40am
General Motors kills Holden, leaves the Aussies with no domestic manufacturing, but steals the Commodore, rebadges it as a Pontiac, kills THAT, steals the new one, rebadges it as a Chevrolet, kills THAT, and all the Aussies got out of the deal is a bunch of rebadged front-wheel drive Opels with a Holden badge?
No wonder GM sucks...

And this guy's doing better than me. I can't tell most of the Chevys apart from each other right now. (Note: same problem with Cadys but I at least know that they're Cadys.)

1/10/17 1:26pm
It has nice bones, but why did they make it look like a crappy Malibu?

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