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Good audio set up for stock alternator?

Anyone know if alpine 6x9s and 6.5s are good for the money? or can you go better for cheaper? I have a current set up in my 95 imp that came with car that is in need of replacing all speakers and amps maybe with alpine. I have a Clarion 7 inch flip out motorized deck, arc audio 6.5s in doors and 4 arc audio 6x9s in rear. The speakers are powered by a alpine mrp240-f v power amp, 2 12 pioneer in a non ported box yes I know this system sucks but is not as bad as it seems.The subs are powered by a audio bahn a2810 (dont know much about this amp). I have a stock alternator and a duralast platinum battery, they say this battery rivals the optima yellow top. I want to upgrade whole system. Now I have a set amount I would like to spend as in if I can find a great deal on used subs and speakers Ill bite on those and buy new amps. I think $700 would be my budget, Anyone got any ideas for a set up? So far Im looking into a alpine setup or maybe fosgate, But hey Im a noob when it comes to audio equipment so any help would be appreciated thanks

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