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Hil I can't even IMAGINE what you go through on a daily basis, and I always commend you for trying to be fair and reasonable and not always automatically picking a side like KW (you know, just using facts to help his cause like mentioning the kid is 145 lbs but leaving out the part that he's 6'3" and wearing a hoody and loose clothes so how can you tell what he weighs and he obviously TOWERED over Zimmerman) without at least trying to be fair and look at all the facts objectively.

So obviously I can't speak for this poor kid but like I said I think it's going to boil down to "did the kid double back and attack Zimmerman?"

If they have witnesses, then unfortunately it's a no-brainer.

KW claims Zimmerman instigated. And to a point he's technically correct. doesn't matter if Zimmerman followed him home to his front door screaming the N-word, once the kid turned around to fight and attacked HE is the aggressor and in Florida that's all she wrote.

I think the reason most people are up in arms is because certain people are ignoring certain facts. The kid wasn't exactly a boy scout either. For that matter, neither was Zimmerman.
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Exactly BK, they both have murky pasts. I guess the question would be if Martin doubled back was it due to verbal inquisition or actual physical reprimand as well. If he physically accosted Martin and his reaction was to defend himself...of which he initially got the better of Zimmerman then who's in the wrong? Yes, he could have tailed Martin and verbally abused the kid all the way to the moon but who initiated the physical aspect?

I always try to be fair and I've heard all types of remarks in this regard. I've been in racialy tense situations where I was called out my name, spat at and told to go back to Africa to my face in the 21st century and witheld physical retaliation because I think first and an emotional response can put you in a worse position, case in point. (Most of those occurences were while spending summers in Dixie, GA. and once in VA.)

I guess my point is this...whether the people involved were purple, green or gray....I believe this was handled improperly from jump. I see the questioning and whole initial investigation as a facade of "due dilligence". This could attribute to a number of things, first being that the alleged "suspecious" individual is deceased. Second, being the relation that Zimmerman has to judicial employees. Third, would be the actual police department there, they have a track record of mishandling cases or taking the easy route.

I am in the process now of obtaining my CCW and best believe I took that class serious. They STRESS severely to abstain from usage in most if not all situations unless absolutely necessary. We weren't there on this one so I can't call it on who's exactly wrong but I didn't like the execution of the law....won't be the first or last time.

In regards to the witnesses, why are there stories just now coming out? These should have been on record at or around the date of the actual incident. This could prove to be a bias vs bias case because this is Zimmerman's neighborhood and beyond race, most good neighbors will defend one of their own. KEY PHRASE, BEYOND RACE.

Hil Was Here...

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We about to go gorilla up in here!

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I know this is a sad case and all... someone died, and thats never good. but it does eat me up when stories like this get SO much attention, but when I have a local case, here close to my home in the same town, that isnt just sad... its HORRIFIC, and it basically gets NO airplay anywhere.

a couple that has been married for over SIXTY years victims of a home invasion.

guy kicks in their front door. Beats them severely. Shoots the 90 year old man, who happens to be a war hero, in the face with a BB gun. The attacker then rapes his 85 year old wife, steals their car, and drives around town in it for 3 days until they found him.

the old lady died in the hospital bed a couple of days later.

THAT story is far more horrible, yet got no play.

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Originally Posted by 1FAST94 View Post
I keep hearing Martin's family, Martin's family. Just where was it now that Martin lived anyways. I'm sure it was not the gated community where he was loose at midnight. Was it with his mom, was it with his dad? Did he live with his dad's girlfriend or just dropping in to visit at midnight? There's been no definitive explanation of just what this kid was up to this late; Which parent did they question about that? I'd say on a school night, but that's right, he didn't go to school. Where did he leave from? Who at home last saw him or talked to him? This may turn out to be a case of Zimmerman at the right place at the right time and preventing something even more terrible from happeneing. There is a chance that the right guy got it. Just sayin.
Wow when it comes to giving advice concerning performance mods on our b-bodies you are great, you have personally offered me some good advice when I've asked but what you have posted makes absoloutely no sense to me. What does where he lives have to do with anything, last i checked this is a free country. You should be able to walk where ever you please whenever you please. What makes you think this kid was up to something so devious that he deserved to be killed? Is it because he was a young black male with a hooded sweater? He was enroute to his dads home which he was minutes away from after leaving the local 7/11convenient store with a beverage and a package of skittles candy. From reading some of the replies here just lets me know this country is still very divided. A lot of these replies are based on racism yes racism. It exist in this country, why should i expect anything different from this forum. Makes me wonder had the victim been a white male how some of these replies would have change. I can agree somewhat that Al's and Jeese's true intentions may sometimes be questionable but at the same time the black community need some type of activists in a country where black life is looked upon to be so much more less percious and valuable than white life by the majority.

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1. No "official" witness statements have been released. A whole lotta "I heard this, I heard that" by both sets of parents, girlfriends etc. The witnesses that were actually there that night are not yet known to anyone and apparently are doing everything they can to avoid being ID'd. We don't know spit.

2. No official medical records have been released, by the EMS crew or Zimmerman's doctor. We don't know if he was taking an ass-beating or giving one. We don't know spit.

3. No official records have been released by the prosector or the police concerning when or if Zimmerman was going to be charged. In many jurisdictions, Grand Juries only indict once a month. We don't know spit.

All we know is that people on the fringes of the incident are bumping their gums, and none of them were there.

The media, "media figures" and other bottom feeding buzzards are trying both Zimmerman and Trayvon in the court of public opinion in an effort to fan the flames and/or make a profit.

We will all pay the piper if we allow ourselves to be swayed and manipulated into being convinced that there was something going on that wasn't.

Nobody knows if Zimmerman is a racist whack-job or concerned neighbor. Nobody knows if Trayvon was a great kid or a neighborhood punk.

The vultures will try to convince all of us that they were one or the other, for their own purposes.

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Just remember one thing people:

Debate the "FACTS" of the case, do not bring another Forum members anything into it beyond their argument in this discussion.

Keep it Civil and adhere to this ^^^^^^^ and the thread may stay.
Personal attacks will get it closed and deleted.

East Coast Troublemakers
The poster does not take any responsibility for any bad feelings or sense of exclusion that the reader of this post may have-whether real or imagined. Reading threads poses inherent risks. The poster of this thread would like to also remind readers to make sure they have a functional sense of humor and a brain before they visit any discussion board
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Just delete it, I made the most valid point in this entire thread and I don't think anybody even read it.

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Without the facts the uproar is unjustified, right now it's an unfortunate event that has gained way too much attention.

Build a man a fire and he's warm for a day, set that man on fire and he's warm for life.
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Originally Posted by Needles.Kain View Post
Without the facts the uproar is unjustified, right now it's an unfortunate event that has gained way too much attention.
I think Needles pretty much summed it up with this one sentence. But I do believe some of the attention was needed to get things going in the right direction. This investigation definitely needed to happen. I guess now is the time to sit back and wait on all the evidence.
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