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  1. CoupeDTS
    06-28-2011 11:26 PM - permalink
    yes, that dark blue one for 4500. It had 160k miles if I remember. Thats a rediculous price for that mileage. I still watch ebay and craigslist for them. Kansas city seems to have deals pop up. Back in april I went to the junkyards in omaha and found 2 of them only missing headlights!! I tore a ton of valuable parts off them. I paid $120 for the parts I took and profited over $500 after selling Plus a bunch of parts for mine. Its super rare to see them in the junkyards.
    Where are you? In desmoines?
    I took mine to des moines the past couple years to visit friends there. I bought a 2000 DTS there about 6 years ago, nice car but its gone.
    Ive done alot of work on my fleetwood so if you have any questions about maintenance or anything let me know Ive probably done it a few times as I have friends with fleetwoods also. My pics are in the fleetwood picture topic.
  2. roadmister
    06-28-2011 10:55 PM - permalink
    I see you are a Nebraska guy too, you should post some pics of your Fleetwood, or maybe you have and I just haven't found them yet. I was scouring e-Bay and craigslist for quite a while before I found the car I bought, there was one at a car lot in Lincoln forever, I figured they wanted too much for what it was or it would have sold.
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