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gettin her goin!
The list seemed like it went on & on. Tapping lifter,blown head gaskets,bad (MSD) distributor, bad starter, bad ground to passkey module and a bad alarm switch. But she's runnin now with new pushrods,1:6 roller rockers,Accel distributor with an msd coil ,K&N filter kit and cat back exhaust.
bbks ceramic coated
2012 04 06 19.47.58
right head with new roller rockers.
left head with the new roller rockers and pushrods
2012 01 08 12.51.34
up next on the list of mods is the edelbrock intake with some lt4 heads, comp cams camshaft,headers and 2600 stall converter with a shift kit.
I pulled em both at the same time cuz i couldnt break that damn steam line loose. I've since cut and put some fuel line back there.
pullin the heads
Ready for a night on the town!
2012 03 28 14.14.00
I just realised my shocks were gone in the back
I like my cars like I like my women. With donkey asses!!
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