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  • Gabster ·
    The AC/heater switch on my 96 SS Impala rotates but doesn't engage. How do I replace it. Is there a video or written description for this? Many thanks.
    yeloboi21 ·
    I tend to post different threads up, my fault bad habbit, but yea its the oil pan gasket, it was that bad I couldnt tell what it was, and its my first time changing my timing cover gasket and this happened.
    pjslover ·
    hi, i really liked your latest post in the "need new radiator" thread. i like that you addressed each point, unlike the answer from 1slow96, which seemed more opinion and less fact. my question... how does one qualify as a "senior member"?
    CPT_AQUA ·
    Hi there. thanks for the information you gave me today . ive had a few questions maybe you sir can help me out.

    first . you know how older cars usually got that little gap problem with the steering wheel ? i have a dead one inch lose in the steering wheel ( when turning the wheel to right or left) do you think i can fix that ? or i have to replace it all ? shaft and pump ?

    second : internal under dash lights, ive searched for hours and every ones got a different answer on the sizes and names. my HVAC , shifter indicator ( middle console ), the light control knobs and dimmers , the rear view mirrors and the doors lights are all gone .
    the main car dealer for GM said its an old car and we have no parts for it . i would order it from the us if i know the exact sizes , ive email super bright led 3 days ago and they didnt answer me .

    third : do you know from where online i can buy a cheap pair of tail light covers ? the one with the black bezel ?

    thanks in advance .
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