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  • strokedimpala ·
    Hi Mike.I hope all is well.I noticed you had said you previously had worked on airbag setups.I am installing my setup now.Do u think it is ok to run the airlines inside the car to the front bags.
    If there are any other helpful tips u think I should know I appreciate it.
    Hows ur car going.I hope ur family is doing well.
    SSd ·
    Greetings from up I69,

    I have a LT1 question. I put a rebuilt stock engine (w/ 4L60E) from a '94 Impala SS into an '83 El Camino. I had a custom PCM tune from LT1 PCM Tuning out of Cincy. When I recently had the car in the shop, they reflashed to the stock tune. I cannot find my file with the custom tune. !!!! Needless to say, with not CATs, no charcoal filter, etc., things are not so good. I cannot get a reply from the Cincy guy when sending a message his way.

    Sorry for the long background. Bottomline, I wonder if you know of folks in Indy (or nearby) to whom I might take my car to get another custom PCM tune. I live off Exit 259, about halfway btw Indy and FW. Any help would be appreciated. Thx for considering, it is appreciated. dk

    dhboy817 ·
    Hey Mike so I was reading ur thread. Good stuff bro, u r bad ass! Okay so u know ur measurements and I wanna be sure on what my frame Guy is gonna do. I can't follow ur measurements cause u drive a caprice and I drive an impala so can u tell me,
    1. How much am I gonna take off the frame when I notch it?
    2. How thick will I need adapters to be?
    3. Will I need a bigger brake set up?
    4. Will my stock rear end be okay with rims being so wide in the back?
    heatman74 ·
    do you have any pics of the dbl din install "kit" you made? i am going to be installing a 7" lcd, and don't really feel like paying $180 for a install kit. thanks
    heatman74 ·
    someone mentioned that you are the one to ask about installing a dual din stereo.
    Do you have modifiy the dash?
    is it a kit?
    HeavySleeper ·
    just wanted to congratulate you on your Caprice winning ride of the month. You seem to be a pretty classy guy on here. The board needs more ppl like you. Congrats! Did u ever sell that roadmaster?
    Chevyman164 ·
    I brought the 500 df McLeod clutch for my impala I was told I could use a pressure plate from a camaro or a parts store. Will this type of pressure plate hold up in are cars do I have to get a McLeod plate? Also what pressure plate do you have in your caprice if you don't mine me asking??? Any info will help thanks
    Jrboysun ·
    Are Your mike Harris correct with the 94 impala I see on YouTube all the time if so I think i heard that you sale parts so I was just wanna see what was good if that was the case
    929c1caprice ·
    hey i saw in a post where you put up the power seat wire diagrams. im trying to put limited rm seats in my 9c1 do you have the diagrams for those with the power recline and lumbar? was thinking of trying to use the lumbar switches to control the seats. thanks, mike
    dg2394ss ·
    Did you ever get around on making a lot of the plug and play kits for the roadmaster hvac controls for the impalas?
    1FAST94 ·
    Hi Mike, Well, a stock pressure plate and flywheel came with Doc's t56 set-up and disc that had buttons on one side and kevlar on the other and just through some test driving, the clutch now doesn't want to disengage with the pedal depressed. I think the hydralics are working fine. Is this a common issue? What happened? Thanks, Mike
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