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I was given my first Holley carb to play with at 5 years old and I've been into cars ever since!

Anything mechanical or electrical
1 DGGM old Daily Driver- wrecked, but she will ride again! K&N FIPK, Crane narrow 1.6 roller rockers, Alex's springs, electric water pump, Lunati 20080543 cam, PCMforless tune, 2.25" dual Flowmaster exhaust w/ H-pipe
1 DGGM garage queen- RAISS, Clear Image Tri-Ys, 3.73, built trans, 9c1 brakes, Eibach springs, boxed rear LCAs, Hotchkis bars, 160 stat, custom tune, 18" Smoothie II wheels, 2.5" Spintech true dual exhaust w/ resonators
1 DCM- newest garage queen- Hotchkis springs, RAISS, shift kit, 18" TT2 wheels, PCMperformance tune, 2.25" Flowmaster true dual exhaust
I Aim to Misbehave..
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