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  • SSpev ·
    You seem to be a regular on here, so tell me how long does one have to wait to get on this forum? It's been so long I have lost track. OR maybe I did something wrong when I signed up. I thought I followed the instruction. Even used the code sent to me. Even tried it twice... I know i know your not supposed to but I thought something went wrong the first time.
    FIRSST ·
    I just saw you sent me a personal message a year ago wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you, that was so sweet of you.
    CKPSSproject ·

    I was reading about your recomendation on the EDL-5703 valve spings from elderbrock. would they be a good replacement from stock with crane 1.6 roller rockers? I have 81K on the car.
    Miklo Ii ·
    LT1s are lawnmower engines compared to my 600 lb ft caddy 500 and pontiac 455. your 34 years old??? thats a joke. have fun with thise hard to reach spark plugs and opti **** distributor. there is no replacement for displacement.
    imp2323 ·
    hey nab i live in glen burnie md..Do yo do custom work like blazer upper console..I have the part im trying to get it installed
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