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  • k3000-a ·
    Hi Fred,

    Having issues with my trunk latch.

    Do you know any sources for parts, and/or would you know the part numbers for the latch and release solenoid?

    I'm going to investigate if the solenoid is stuck first...

    Thank You,

    uvaldi ·
    Hello, Wanting the know the condition of the 94-96 Caprice pass side REAR threshold in Light BLUE that you may have for sale. Must be near mint. Thank you, Blake.
    TheGarage ·
    Hey Fred, can you let me know about that am/fm cd radio for my 93 RMW please? I'm pretty sure I want it, even in unknown working condition.
    Joe B. ·
    I was under the car today and it looks very iffy to putting the trans lines in without obstacles like maybe the exhaust pipe. Do you know? Worst comes to worst, I can cut them, flare the ends and work both ends to the middle with a rubber coupling.
    Joe B. ·
    $50.00 sent via paypal. I figured the shipping might be a little tricky. The last thing you sent were the engine fuel lines which arrived in great shape. Thanks
    Joe B. ·
    Hi Fred, Do you have the trans cooler lines that run from the trans to the radiator on my stock '91 305? Or maybe I just do them in hose and barbed fittings. Thanks, Joe
    chillrobb ·
    Hey Fred! I think you have responded to my posts and I think your are enthusiastic about the b-body and helping people. I just want you to know that I respect you, and am thankful for all the help you have given me.
    my95ss ·
    This may be an unusual request but I need the connector to the low oil sensor with 3-4 inches of wire. I have the sensor new, I just broke the connector trying to unplug it. Can you help me out?
    CuSStom Cherry2 ·

    I was wondering do you have the passenger side electric mirror for the outside. I am trying to get one for my DCM '96 Impala SS.

    Thanks Mike

    or call me @ 228-731-1955
    dwascher ·
    I may have found a set of tan vinyl door panels for the front of my sedan, if you run across rear door panels for a sedan, in tan, vinyl, with power options and door pulls let me know. Thanks.
    jcarl126 ·
    Hi Fred,

    Just saw this message! This is the manifold that sits on the cowl area of the car just at the bottom of the windscreen - contains the black spray nozzles that attach to the wiper arm spray hoses?

    Thank you,

    Jeff C.
    jcarl126 ·
    Hey Fred,

    Im looking for the washer hose attachments off of caprice/impala possibly RM. The ones that have the nipping on them and protrude from the vehicle cowl
    TMCKER ·
    Hey I have a quick question. Do the 91-96 b body wagons have 3rd row back facing seats? And I will definitely check out that other forum as well. I already belong to this one, and gm b body...this one is harder to navigate, but has more helpful and active people lol....
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