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  • Fullmoonboogie2002 ·
    In a post on 07/17/2017 you mentioned the following:

    "I put a few drops of oil on the shaft/bearing point and left it one day. Then inverted it from normal installed position, oiled the other bearing and let it sit. "

    Having had an OEM blower fail yesterday that I had oiled the shaft at the bottom (motor side) a few weeks ago I was flustered at best. Scored another OEM blower at the junk yard this morning from a 94 RMW and wanted to find out about the oiling you were referring to. What type of oil did/do you use? Did you oil at the bottom (motor end) as well as under the squirrel cage? How did you get oil under the cage?

    Greg Marx
    rmont917 ·
    Grandpas wagon, thanks for the post, I am 71 years old ,what do I need to remove to replace passenger side Exhaust Manifold ? I keep slipping on bolts and do not want to strip them. neither side has the gasket. but the right is noisy on my1994 Caprice
    mindlessrhyme ·
    thanks for the advice on the cables i will definitely look into. Im getting ready to deploy soon so i will be using my time away to research and buy parts that I want have put on when I get back.
    YoungLionJacq ·
    How ya doing, man?

    I did plenty of forum searching but I still couldn't find what all needs to be removed to get to the Passenger manifold. Can you help me?
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