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  • flasheroo ·
    Hello Navy and thank you for your service.I have a 91 OCC and am buying a set of front upper and lower control arms from SSandman and my question is about the
    ball joints.Will the 9/16 upper and lower balljoints fit into the SS control arms that
    Kris has or is modification needed?Kris is installing all new control arm bushings and both upper and lower balljoints for me due to my not having access to a press and my lack of ability due to back problems.My OCC is a one owner car with 73000 miles on it and I want to take the best care of it possible.My thanks to you for your help in this matter and please take care.
    Jim Gordon
    Bigfred5998 ·
    Hello I'm looking to do a big brake kit for the front and rear on my 96 impala ss
    I'm looking for maybe 14" or 16 4 piston Front and 14" rear they told me your the man to ask about this you can reach me at 212-203-5614 Fred
    gonzalez_909 ·
    Hi there I am looking to do a 5/8 ball joint replacement on my 96 . Tobby from Kore3 gave your name in reguards to modifing the lower front a arms. Can you do this and what will the charge be? I want to get all parts in one shot and not from dif. sources. Can you help me you can reach me at 909-746-9583. this is a california # thanks
    408_LT1 ·
    Navy, just came across an older baer gt kit. Looking to up the caliper and rotor size. Do u know if I can do that or do I need to scrap it and buy a whole newer kit.
    craige211 ·
    Alright sir, thanks again i went ahead and paypal'd you the 25$
    i put my mailing information in the email from paypal but i will put it here too

    Craig Evans
    930 North Palmway
    Lake Worth, FL 33460
    craige211 ·
    ok thanks a lot.. i suppose if i call ppm theyd know about the clearance of running 22s on the car with their drop kit? im weiry of ordering the 1" drop without knowing if im gonna be rubbing through tires..
    i know tons of guys on here are running 22s with hotchkis and i think that drops slightly over the 1" like in the 1.2" range but not 100% sure..

    im going to go ahead and paypal you the 25$, so atleast i can have all my ducks in a row once i get the springs..there is a significant difference just pushing on the back of the car with the bounce from side to side..ive had 2 people think its just bad shocks in the passenger rear so i guess we shall see once is all done.
    Navy Lifer ·
    As far as the shock hardware kit, you can get it from me--using either cash - $24 (check or M.O.) or by PayPal, for $25. My PP account can be reached by e-mail [email protected] I just need your address and can mail a kit out as soon as I have that.

    Regarding springs, I would give the PPM's a try...there are several choices of rate, use, and ride height.
    Navy Lifer ·
    There are many things that could be causing your car to sit as you describe it.

    - heavy load in that corner of trunk
    - problem in opposite front corner with spring not properly seated
    - damage to the spring at the low corner
    - missing spring isolator cushions at the low corner
    - damaged shock holding the low corner down
    - damaged crossmember (where spring seats on the low corner)
    - damaged frame on the low side
    - body mount issues at low corner--severely deteriorated upper cushions

    If you have a FSM (Factory Service Manual) you need to get into the section that addresses measuring trim/ride height and try to figure out the source of the problem.

    I would not do an alignment until the problem(s) are identified & resolved.

    I don't know what else to tell you about your current situation with the suspension--if you want to talk, I'm always available: 770-359-9207

    I'll help any way I can--let me know what you would like to do!
    craige211 ·
    Hey there,
    I haven't ever spoken with you directly on here but have read quite a few of your posts and you seem to be the impala suspension god, so heres my going for a alignment tuesday or somewhere around there and am trying to get new shocks and springs to put on my 95 ss before seems everyone argues about the hotchkis vs the ppms.. im running 22s for now but would love some 20s with a little more meat on the tire.

    the car is saggy bad in the passenger rear now so im hesitant on doing the alignment before fixing the shocks and springs..
    id like to lower it without creating rub or having to do any crazy modifications or cutting..

    i see the bilstein sports are cheapest on but am trying to make a quick decision on a lowering kit..
    this car is a daily driver..

    also how do i go about purchasing this ubolt kit for the rear shock installation?

    thanks a lot..
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