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  • WindSSurfer ·
    I saw the images you posted on the site. They look ok but you cannot tell if they are good unless you unbolt them from the window. The stud rusts and rots inside the outer hinge and you cannot tell from the outside. I'll offer you $50 including shipping if you want to pull them off and ship them to me provided they are good once you get them off with all nuts and bolts included.
    WindSSurfer ·
    I live in South Jacksonville so you are not far from me. I am interested in the tailgate window hinges. How is the one you have? Does it have defrost on the glass? Are the hinges in good, not rusted condition. The stud embedded into the plastic hinge where it bolts to the window rusted and pulled out of the plastic part of the hinge on my 94 RMW so I need to replace either the hinges(preferably) or the total glass with hinges. My glass has defrost and there is no problem with the glass, just the hinges.
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