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  • jr6784 ·
    Hows it going, is this your car in this video?
    If so may i ask how much you put into it ? It sounds so bad ass i must watch this video at least once a month i love the sound of it.... Just wanna know what did u run time wise in a quarter mile? Tryin to decide if i should go this route or follow the ls craz... Wanted your insight on how your vehcile ran, was it a daily driver or track car only?
    kennygp87 ·
    On the door pnl. I was interested in the arm rest in the driver door and was wwondering if it would fit a 95 impala. And how much you wanted.
    connman ·
    im not sure if my reply to ur pm got sent. this coming weekend is open for me so whatever time or day is good for you just let me know. Also i dont really need a pic. On mine the nipple for the vac line is right behind the connector for the wiring.If its there and its from a 95 ill take it. thanks again
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