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  1. 1996 impala - stolen in mississippi

    All stock exterior.
  2. 1996 impala - stolen in mississippi

    Chris Lewis had his SS STOLEN in Jackson Mississippi last weekend. It is a Dark Cherry Metallic SS 396 Stroker 6-Speed Competition Stereo Please Call 512-423-4335 if you have any information Thank you!
  3. 2S Manufacturing (HACK) New Items

    Vendor Area
    Couple more This is a "No Drill" Fuse holder for under the hood. Bolts to the overflow bottle and floats above the fender.
  4. 2S Manufacturing (HACK) New Items

    Vendor Area
    Update Pictures of the new products that we came out with in the last 2 months.
  5. 2S Manufacturing (HACK) New Items

    Vendor Area
    PCM cover is a piece of 1/4" abs plastic to space it up then a piece of 1/8" aluminum on top. Can be engraved with just about anything. First picture is of the stock PCM part. Then the underside of our part showing the spacer and the third is the top of the part. They are available in Black...
  6. 2S Manufacturing (HACK) New Items

    Vendor Area
    They come in a set of four and are getting ready to make another run of them. We are currently out of stock on them.
  7. 2S Manufacturing (HACK) New Items

    Vendor Area
    Hello all! Been a while since I posted anything new. We have some old products that have been updated and some new ones as well. Please visit to see everything. But here is a list of the items we make: Arm Rest Savers Dash Plaques Defroster Covers Throttle Body Plates Carpet Kits...
  8. HACK's New Products

    Vendor Area
    By SS Caps do you mean the center caps on the wheels? Yes, I can do that and I can do damn near anything on the Armrest Savers as long as what you want fits. Send me an email and I will get you a screenshot of what you want for approval. [email protected]
  9. deleting account?

    I can delete you if you want to.
  10. Power Steering Modification

    Weird, Pump was working fine in the 9C1. I do not have the sensor installed that measures PS pressure which would idle up automatically. Pump works great until RPM's are low, give it a little gas and it's great. Did I mention that I have 33" tires on this as well?
  11. Power Steering Modification

    Completely different pumps. I might just drill the hell out of it and see what happens. LOL
  12. Power Steering Modification

    So I did some searching and can't find an answer to this question: How do I increase the power steering pressure? I transplanted the LT1 out of my wrecked cop car to my 1986 Suburban with 33" tires on it. When the RPM drops, no power steering. I know about the sensor on the line but was...
  13. HACK's New Products

    Vendor Area
    We should ship next week. You should get an email with the tracking info when it's shipped.
  14. Could a Moderator Contact me

    Community Help
    I can help. Give me the old Login and I will see what I can do.
  15. New Member from Texas

    New Member Introductions
    If you need any local help, I'm just a little ways north in Georgetown.
  16. The DetailSS - Double DIN - any idea if they're legit?

    From what I have witnessed in the past, He is a straight shooter.
  17. HACK's New Products

    Vendor Area
    You are very welcome Larry.
  18. Plexiglass Radio Kit

    Vendor Area
    Not yet, sorry.
  19. HACK's New Products

    Vendor Area
    Thank you sir!
  20. Aluminum bezel effort

    I would love to see that CAD file! Awesome work sir!
1-20 of 409 Results