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  1. Clips & Wire Loom

    Anyone know the biggest wire loom inner diameter (ID) for the B-body engine harness? Is it 1" or 1.25"?
  2. Grade 8 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Kit Still Avail?

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    showing up for my usual Public Service Announcement (PSA)... do yourself a favor and check your exhaust manifolds for flatness. This is probably what caused the bolts to break in the first place. Here's how: once you remove the bolts, remove the gasket, then screw the center two bolts back in...
  3. Autometer Trans Temp Sender

    Sorry, just seeing this now (a week later). On the pressure test port, just put a pan under this area and run the car for a few seconds at idle. There's a decent chance it'll just just blow everything out of that port and you'll be good to go. If not, you could try removing the manual valve...
  4. [emoji112]

    New Member Introductions
    Two thoughts: 1. It is ALWAYS worth saving up and buying a better condition car UP FRONT. Buying a "fixer upper" that's been neglected... you'll never get it fixed. And the price of good interior pieces now... you'll save money in the long run just buying a better one. 2. These cars are 23+...
  5. Lt1 Misfire and running very poorly

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Way to go on fixing the code 43! Yeah that EMI fuse runs a lot of stuff. Don't worry about your fuel trims not being 128 on a stock tune. The PCM is SUPPOSED to adjust fuel trims based on O2 sensor readings, so as long as they are not stuck at min or max (108 or 160), you're fine...
  6. Hello

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome! Be sure to add your location to your user profile so people can give you better advice about any questions you have.
  7. Lt1 Misfire and running very poorly

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    And it reads 210 going down the road? What's it read if you're on the highway at highway speeds?
  8. Issues after body-shop residence....

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Well shoot, that's my thread about the sending unit. Anybody know how to "unblur" the images? Dan, sorry to hear about your troubles. First thing I'd check is unplug the sending unit at the bumper and see if the gauge goes past full with the ignition on so you know at least the gauge and...
  9. DCM Wheel Arch Trim Wanted

    Parts for sale/wanted
    Honestly I would just find a body shop that will paint it. They all do this over time.
  10. Error code 1870 - trans component slipping

    USUALLY.... P1870 shows up when your TCC regulator valve is worn out. It's inevitable on all '95s and '96s. Once it wears, you won't get TCC lockup. Usually the trans will drive fine otherwise. BUT - with what you describe, you may be having other problems. Does the car drive weird after you...
  11. Lt1 Misfire and running very poorly

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    If it were me, get the code 43 issue fixed first. Knock sensors do fail; ONLY use Delco/Delphi or Standard Motor Products. No off-brands. While you have them out, strongly consider flushing the block with water. Your O2 sensors are acting normally until ~640 seconds in when the fuel trim...
  12. Compressor Leaking

    For what it's worth, they sell compressor rebuild kits on Ebay for like $25 that have all new seals. These compressors are pretty easy to disassemble and rebuild (assuming they haven't self destructed). I've had iffy luck with GPD and 4 seasons compressors on other vehicles; I went back to...
  13. Lt1 Misfire and running very poorly

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    I wonder if you have one of those knockoff chips in your cable. eehack is a little finicky with the knockoff chips; go read more on gearhead efi about it. I looked at your logs again; the bank 1 O2 sensor voltage is staying high and not swinging very much (it should wildly oscillate between 0...
  14. SOLD Raiss SOLD

    Parts for sale/wanted
    I've found it useful to go back and see how often something has been advertised sold and at what price. As a moderator I *try* to get in and mark threads as sold.
  15. Lt1 Misfire and running very poorly

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Is that datalog from one drive, or is this multiple drive cycles? At first I was noticing the glitchiness of the coolant temp but those glitches seem to be present across every data channel, suggesting a cable problem. Either those are restarts or connection drops; can you clarify? And if...
  16. Bad install Bad Solder

    Thanks for posting this. Car fires are almost always instant totals so this is very important. I would add that good heat shrink tubing is also easy and well worth it.
  17. Safelite Glass Discount Code?

    Make sure there's no visual waves in the glass. I've been in cars where it looks like you're driving with bifocals. No way. Yeah, S8flite was way more expensive than the local places. Even Glass America was far cheaper.
  18. Front upper control arms thoughts

    Most drivers aren't as good as they think they are. Early on I had to learn the hard way that you can only control oversteer until you hit the steering stops. A new front clip later... I'd still run an optispark over a standard SBC distributor any day of the week. Far more accurate, simple to...
  19. Front upper control arms thoughts

    I looked at the taller ball joints they offer; they are nice, but.... if you were racing or doing something that absolutely required top tier components, that's one thing. But if it's just a street car, just roll with the stock setup. GM engineered the stock steering the way they did for a...
  20. Front upper control arms thoughts

    I just installed a set of Mevotech uppers. The cross shafts, bushings and arms were fine, ball joints were a tad on the spindly side compared to Moog but the stock ones usually went 100k before getting worn, and the Mevotech ones are greaseable so I'm not worried about it. Upper balljoints...
1-20 of 435 Results