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  1. Should I post my new build

    Complete Car Builds
    Tad, Glad to see you back at it! I swear i checked back on your Tri-y saga for like 3 years hoping for an update .
  2. Engine Harness How To LS Swap

    Engine Performance
    Man, I haven't been on here in forever. Good work on the harness vids. I've got a list around here somewhere of the wires I remove for LS swaps, I've just got to find it.
  3. LS Swap FEAD?

    Engine Performance
    Nah. My iron block didn't come with the boss for the 3rd mounting pad for the alternator cast in it like the aluminum blocks did, so I'm using an Fbody alternator/bracket spaced out to match up with the rest of the FEAD.
  4. LS Swap FEAD?

    Engine Performance
    LS3/L99 Camaro FEAD works well. I run a modified version of it myself.
  5. 1995 impala ss clone pro street drag car.

    Impala SS/Caprice for sale
    Damn!! 2k, I'd come get that thing from NC!
  6. Ls swap

    Complete Car Builds
    I've got to say, you talk alot of **** about that "worthless" sticky. If I had the ability to clean it up, I would, but I've pretty much left it alone since it got way out of hand with people asking questions. Anyway, looks like you're going all in on your swap, good luck man, you'll love it...
  7. Fuel coming out of the EVAP Line

    Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Having a problem as of lately. Gas mileage has been abysmal lately (~16-17hwy vice the 22hwy that is normally gets). I went and washed the car before heading to SSHS13 and noticed a strong fuel smell. Looked under the car, and the tank looked like it had some residue on it. I chose to wash...
  8. Dash Lights STILL not working...

    Alright, did some more troubleshooting today. From the instrument panel dimmer, Pin D, I get ~12V (from the fuse) From the instument panel dimmer switch, Pin D, I get ~12V (From the fuse) From the instrument panel dimmer, Pin B, I get 12V being sent the dimmer switch, Pin A. From the...
  9. Dash Lights STILL not working...

    Yea, I don't mean the digital dash. I mean the actual HVAC, instrument cluster, and radio lights.
  10. Dash Lights STILL not working...

    Didn't change anything, it just happened one day when I was driving back from VA and I started troubleshooting before I deployed, and now I'm back at it. Crime Scene, I replaced that module last year when I was doing my troubleshooting. I still have the factory one in a box in the car, if it...
  11. Dash Lights STILL not working...

    Went and did some troubleshooting on the infamous dash lights that haven't worked in over a year. Luckily, I was deployed most of that time, so it was on the back burner. Now that I'm back, I want to get this taken care of (hopefully with enough time to make it to the shootout). I've replaced...
  12. LS Swap Basics

    Engine Performance Thats how I found my 6.0L. Call around, worst they can tell you is no.
  13. LS Swap Basics

    Engine Performance
    Stock Oil pan is going to hang approx 2.5" below the bottom of the crossmember. With the Driveshaft, you want to keep a good bit of the yoke on the output shaft, otherwise you'll encounter some nasty vibes. Trans lines are a seperate system and have nothing to do with the engine. As far...
  14. Looking for low mileage Ls3 motor

    Engine Performance
    Larger displacement maybe? Is it worth the cost to me, hell no, not at all, but then again I'm a cheap bastid. You'll find the LS2 and LS3 in the same general region as far as prices. Hell LS1s are still going for 2500-3k.
  15. LS Swap Basics

    Engine Performance
    1. Yes, I'm using the Jagsthatrun coupler with the sight glass and bleeder valve. 2. For the AC I'm running a Trailblazer SS Compressor (TRSA12B). I haven't gotten the lines made yet, but thats in the very near future. For the cruise control, I'm looking for different cables right now, or...
  16. LS Swap Basics

    Engine Performance
    You can also change it now in HPTuners also. I have both HPTuners and EFILive, so I tend to play around with both.
  17. LS Swap Basics

    Engine Performance POW! Been there, done that!.
  18. C204 differences

    Finally got back to looking at the swap harnesses i did, and the wires on C204 don't match up with the old harness. Most of the colors match up, but some of the others don't. The pins that are missing are A3 (power feed power antenna relay) D1 (electronic variable orifice actuator signal) D2...
  19. Harness issues

    Well I just "finished" another wiring harness for my car (1995 Impala SS) and I went to hook eveything back up, and the wires on C204 don't match up to the old harness. I'm thinking that this harness is actually a 96 (odd because it only had 2 O2 sensors). Does anyone know where I can get the...
  20. HID projectors

    Those will fit better than the last ones, or the regular FX projectors. I'm actually working on a projector retrofit right now for a friend, since I did my own some years ago with E55 projectors. Well worth the time and effort if you want quality lighting.
1-20 of 472 Results