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Caprice Classic
My grandfather bought this car from a man back in the mid 90s as his "towncar." He became the second owner of the vehicle. He lived on a farm, so his daily vehicle was his chevy farm truck. After he passed away, this car sat in their garage for about 12 years, from the time I was five to the time I was 17, at which point I needed a new car. (My '99 chevy lumina had a leak in the head gasket which would cause the car to overheat in the middle of the highway and to fix it would have cost more than the car was worth.) My grandmother had passed away a little less than a year before I needed to get a new car, and as her buick LeSabre was in the garage as well, having not been started in about 9 years (and still hasn't, for a total of about 11 years), my mother and her sister both received one. It was their choice on who got what, and since I needed a new (to me) vehicle, mom asked me which I wanted. I decided I didn't want the "old lady car" that was my grandma's buick, and went with my grandfather's 1991 Caprice classic with only 48,682 original miles on it. I have, at this point put about 16,000 more miles on it in the past two years, bringing it to about 63,600 miles with more being put on it every day. Since it's original fix up with a complete run through of most everything, plus brand new tires and brakes, two years ago, I have had a bit of trouble with other stuff that had dried out over the years: head gaskets, transmission seals which eventually led to a new transmission about 400-500 miles ago, and of course the 5 (almost ready for the 6th) oil changes and tire rotations and balances. Still, this car is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever been in, both on how it rides and drives and how much cushion the seats have. I definitely made the right choice.
1991 Chevy Caprice Classic (Maroon/Burgundy)



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