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1994 Cadillac Fleetwood (White)


Home plate and 1st base deleted, AIR system deleted, my own interpretation of the sewer pipe intake, soon to be altered to include the F-body MAF which will be relocated closer to the throttle body, also swiss cheesed the airbox, factory style K&N panel filter. More stuff coming now that the weather is nicer.

Haven't updated this in ages. It now has Clear Image tri-y headers and full exhaust. I made a different intake setup that I like better. Has a built transmission (after I smoked the original) with all the common upgrades as well as a few cool tricks from my builder. Upgraded the timing chain, added electric water pump, did a Torqhead 24x conversion, most of the Innovative Wiring upgrades (actually I think all of them that apply to the Fleetwood), Melling oil pump and pickup, Energy Suspension motor and tranny mounts. Coming soon - heads, cam and procharger.
Roadmaster HVAC controls, upgraded auto-dimming rearview mirror w/ compass display and LED map lights.

I now have plans to redo the interior, mostly stock in appearance, but upgraded materials. Mainly I want to have anything that looks like leather done in actual leather, and have the headliner and pillars done in suede. And at some point I'll do a floor shift conversion, although complete kits are getting stupid expensive anymore. All of this will be once I've got the rest of the car sorted out (motor, suspension, brakes, etc).
Nothing... yet. I at least plan to get the windows tinted this spring, but there's some scratches on some of the glass I need to deal with first, so we'll see. I'm interested in finding a horizontal billet grille and also replacing the factory plastic chromed spears with metal ones. I know where to get the spears, but I don't think there's currently a source for the grilles.

I don't think I want a grille anymore, and I can't find the spears anymore. Definitely plan to convert to '96 side mirrors though. Aside from cleaning things up though, I'll probably leave things mostly stock on the outside, maybe a paint job someday if I can afford it.
Pioneer double DIN stereo. I love it, but I might upgrade to a newer unit. Mainly because I really like good sound quality, and I want a unit that plays FLAC natively, and this one does not. Speakers will need to be upgraded and while I already have most of that on hand from previous vehicles I've owned, I've just never had the time to do it.
Nothing... yet. Have some ideas for the summer though. Most likely Bilstein shocks, the air bags that you stick inside the rear springs to help them out, but still completely undecided on springs. I don't really want to lower it, and it currently has FE1 springs on it which are a bit mushy for my tastes. More research is needed on that yet. Wild and crazy ideas include all tubular control arms, upgraded sway bars, additional addon braces and bars to further tighten it up. If I ever win the lottery that is.

Finally started acquiring stuff, but I still have a lot to get. I have NOS 5/8 knuckles, a set of Impala SS springs and 9C1 springs (plan to run SS up front and 9C1 in the rear for a raked look). I have an Energy Suspension body mount kit, but still need to acquire the missing pieces, and possibly hardware in case I break any during removal.
Wheel and Tire
Factory chrome rims, Cooper Cobra GT 255/60/15 tires. I was initially planning to put on chromed Impala SS rims with Caddy center caps and Nitto 275/50/17 tires, but now I'm intrigued by the US Mags Rambler rims. They come in a 17x8 size w/ 5x5 bolt pattern and a +1mm offset which I think would fit the car just fine.



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