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Caprice Wagon
Bought it for $200 off some kid after my Safari's AC stopped working and its fuel economy dropped in half. I had to swap the rear end and replace the power steering pump when I got it, I think from the junkyard they totaled $200 together, so for $400 I got a pretty nice wagon with working AC. I drove it from 2006 until I sold it in 2010 when I bought my '95 with my college graduation money.
1990 Chevy Caprice Wagon (Blue)


Stock Olds 307 until I swapped that for an Olds 350 diesel. The 307 started burning oil like crazy at around 250k miles (my mom overheated it to the point of seizing up right after I bought it) so I started looking for a replacement engine. Found an '81 Cutlass with the diesel for $100, so I got some friends together and we said why not experiment. It's a direct swap, just blow the gasoline out of the tank and put diesel in, and wire up a button for the glow plugs. I put about 10k more miles on it after that, the diesel ran great but it was hard to get it started, especially after I got back to Mass and it got cold out, I don't think the glow plugs were doing their job. Also, that diesel leaked oil like crazy, somewhere on the back of the engine, but it got great fuel economy, it topped out around 30 mpg and I don't think I ever got less than 23
Pioneer everything, 6x9's in the back



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