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Impala SS
Original Options: SunGate WS, OE 12-Disc Changer, Light Sentinel
We ordered our SS back in May 1996 (when I was 31), received it in August of that year, and we have been loving ever since. Currently, it is at 185,000 miles and has been off the road for the last eight years due to oxygen thief take a hard left turn on with no signal or warning.
Since I have an automotive shop, my stuff usually ends up behind the back burner. I made the decision the other day to to make it a "Front Burner" project and have it ready for a Florida run in early April. It will involve pulling the interior to spray in sound/heat barrier, building it back up from there, and installing a really sweet, tight sound system.
The bodywork will require a new core support, radiator, condenser, associated bracketry, maybe a new right front lower control arm, and a right fender, and a right front door. I have had all of the parts ready for seven years, so it is time to hang them. The front and rear bumper covers will get fresh paint for now, and a full re-paint will happen in the next year or two. The mechanicals will get freshened up for now and twin turbos will happen down the road.
1996 Chevy Impala SS (Black)


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