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Caprice Classic Wagon
2tone tan...thank you sun fade!
Ill get my RPO codes and let you know...
This thing has been babied its whole life. It was bought by a well-to-do older gentleman in my town brand new, delivered with 6 miles on it (I know because I still have all of the manuals it came with :D!). He only used it for a few family vacations, its main use was driving to and from golf courses with his buddies. He saved EVERY receipt for this vehicle, even wiper blades and oil changes. At 60k the original motor started to leak oil for mysterious, he had it replaced. Now, Im the 3rd owner, 2nd owner bought it at auction and immediately put it up for sale, of a 90K mile 1988 Chevy Caprice Classic that has a (relatively) new motor, and all pumps, hoses, brake bits, etc. are brand new as of the week I bought it. Eventual plans for the Beast is a rebuild with 96 Impala SS, 9c1 Caprice, and WS6 parts. I want to keep everything GM, no aftermarket unless I HAVE to.
1988 Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon (2tone tan...thank you sun fade!)


WEAK Olds 307 and tired tranny
Once I get it all cleaned up and shiny again, Ill put some up. Right off hand though, it needs a new headliner, and a new dash, and a new drivers side armrest.
The pics here show the ONLY rust on the whole car...
You mean AM/FM for hours and hours of listening fun? Does a bluetooth speaker and my phone count lol???
All stock...this whole car is bare bones stock
2/3/17 Changed the Rear Lower Control Arms to the 9c1 LCA's. Next is the Hotchkis front and rear wagon sway bars.
Wheel and Tire
I put this pic here because there wasnt any more room on exterior pics...those, and this, are the only bits of rust on this whole huge beast.



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