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Padre bought her fresh in 95'. A month later, 2.5" exhaust plus "chip" installed. At the age of 16, I was cruising at 105 in a 45 through an outside part of town. And of course, I get sight over a hill and BAMN there's a cop behind a tree. Got arrested. I had one chance to say my side of the story, "officer the car is fast and I didn't even realize that I may or may not have been speeding." The police officer took my side and decided to move her off the road, instead of towing her. He came back and said "When I started it, I realized what you meant, that thing has some power!" :) Burned all my ricer buddies with her for a few years. Then padre blew the rear main seal driving Charlton Heston to a political meeting. He ran the car as protection and most of the time, whomever the "VIP" was, rolled with him in the middle of the motorpool, didn't matter he got the package to location 5 mins early. We pulled the LT1 and went through her decent, new valves/gaskets/fittings etc. With precious cargo on board, he was always getting **** from police, FBI, Secret Service, ETC. But with the perf. mods and maintenence he put into her, he silenced them all with a foot to the floor. Catch me if you can! they never did. Padre drove her for a few more years, a few more engine pulls, up to 205k miles, then cover on and she sat for a year. 13 years after gettin' popped at 105, and all the other crazy **** that happened, the title may or may not have been handed over to me. Time to bring this beautiful beast to what she can still be! This car WILL NOT leave my family, soo I'm going to need some help from you Ladies and Gent's!
1995 Chevy Impala SS (DCM)


Busted front bumper/rear bumper. Scratches everywhere. We took a deer straight on to the A pillar at 65 mph. How many cars can say that? F-ed that deer up
Loose and shaky. It turns right whenever it wants to! Kinda cool, it keeps you on your toes


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