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I have a long history with my 96 Impala but I've only owned it for just over 3 years. It all started in 1997, my buddy, Mike and I were at work and had talked about buying an Impala. I found an ad in the local paper and pointed it out to Mike. That day he went to look at the car and ended up buying it. The car was his baby, always garaged and he did some light mods (Stereo, lowering, body bushings, trailing arms, driveline) to it over the years.

Fast forward to around 2006ish, I had sold Impala #1 in 2004 and was B-Bodyless. We needed a new car and my wife who knew Mike was toying with the idea of selling the Impala contacted him and bought it for me without my knowledge. It was very cool and I was excited to own another Impala. Unfortunately the next day gears 3 and 4 went out on the transmission. Mike and I decided to cancel the sale rather than dispute the repair and possibly hurt our friendship. I was without an Impala again.

Fast forward to around 2009ish my wife attempted to buy the Impala from Mike again. When she contacted him he wasn't 100% committed to selling the car (remember this was his baby) but ended up agreeing but he said it really needed a detailing. My wife paid for the detail and Mike dropped it off. Unfortunately when Mike picked it up it looked so good he couldn't sell it.

Finally in 2013 I had sold my truck and contacted Mike. I said I had cash in hand and if he was ready to sell I'd take her off his hands. His wife had been bugging him for years to get rid of the car (I think she was jealous of their relationship) and he sold it to me for the final time. I'm pretty sure I saw tears forming in Mike's eyes as I drove her away.
1996 Chevy Impala (BBB)


Home plate delete, Ram Air, wheel wells and radiator support painted like the exterior, T56 manual swap, 4.56 gears.
Complete interior change over to all black with blushed metal accents, Blazer overhead console, Roadmaster HVAC, one touch windows up/down on all windows,
Cowl Hood, Langness Wing, 2010 Camaro SS wheels, Smooth bumpers, 62 Cross flags, Complete LED conversion.
19 year old upgraded stereo with 2x10" subs.......upgrade in progress.
Eibach springs, Hotchkis shocks, BMR ext. trailing arms, Hotchkis rear sway bar.
Wheel and Tire
2010 Camaro SS 20" wheels



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