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Stock SS, RPO
Had me a hot fever for the '94 as soon as it came out, but really couldn't afford it - or so my bride of 22 years thought, anyway. In '06, the fever came back strong when I saw one next to the road in early July '06 (US12, coming back towards Detroit from a visit to my Mom back in Elkhart, IN), and turned around to take a look. It turned out to look like a Michigan car, especially the corrosion underside of the trunk's floor, and she had 136k miles on her. Well, the rust didn't squelch my feverish desire one bit, and owing partly at least to driving it around the country side (that was in the Irish Hills of MI). Within a few days I found my car on eBay, located at a used car dealer right in Bristol, TN. T my request, after the dealer sent me about 3 dozen pictures of the underbody / chassis, which looked about as clean as the sunny side, I hit the Buy Now button. Drove down to Bristol with my nephew and did the deal. Had 72k miles on the odo. The drive back to MI was late a night, which presented very light traffic here and there, and she saw about 130-135 three or four times, feeling very stable. Now, the odo's at 77k, so only about 5k miles accumulation over these almost 11 years. No winter salt allowed - have to see three good rains in the spring before taking her around for the seasonal rides and events. Anyway, mine is a great car: large enough for 5 folks comfortably, great handling and ride quality - really well tied down for these rough MI roads. Got 22 mpg the only time I checked it, on a round trip from Detroit to Nashville, IN - and about half of the time on State/secondary roads. There I go rambling on a bit.. .
1996 Chevy SS (Green)


OE Stock
OE Stock
OE Stock
OE Stock - the power antena works beautifully.
OE Stock (all original-built bushings, springs, sway bars, Bilstein Shx, ball joints, etc.)
Wheel and Tire
Wheels OE Stock. Tires Yokohama / Hankook Ventus BSW Sport 104k 255/50ZR17 - only known non-OE, non US manufactured equipment on my car.



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