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just bought the impala , and plan on fixing it back up from the shape that it is currently in. looking at new apholstery, new paint, rims, rebuild engine, and possibly a few mods before i finish.

i dont plan on ever selling my impala so i am planning on full custom everything. keep an eye out and i'll try not to take too many years to fix her back up from the shape that she is currently in.
1996 Chevy impala (dggm)


pulled out the origional motor and am replacing it with a donor motor for now. plans for a lower compression and a turbo setup.
interior looks like it was hit by a tornado! torn seats front and back, worn carpet, busted dash because someone decided that they needed the radio more than the person that actually purchased it. the seats head wrests have small screens in them that will need to be removed, the rear shelf has a square hole in it from where another screen was mounted. and i'm pretty sure i will find something else.

on the upside it is a 96 with a floor shifter and obd II and the air bags are still intact and since i was planning on changing the interior color to all black, the main components are there for the rebuild
i'm think the hardest thing to chose as an add on to any vehicle is the end color but i'm pretty sure that i've narrowed it down to these last two choices. i really like the azurite black on the bmw and i think it is the most like the dcm color but in blue, plus if the sun isn't directly on it, the car looks like a stock bbb.
then there is the blue but i don't know exactly what color it is and would appreciate it if someone would let me know what color of blue it is. The closest i think i have gotten is the metalic blue that is on the newer toyota celica.
noting yet but i do have a single din that i can use for the meen time. while i cruize around for the summer.

not quite sure what im going to do for entertainment but i'm thinking something simple will do it; 6 small speakers, 4 tweeters a 10 in sub in the back, and a flip out screen?
stock suspension and am thining air bags once i get to that point. plus thanks to some pics that i saw on a thread i'm considering rack n pinion steering so that i dont have to worry about messing up steering components while adjusting ride hights down the street
Wheel and Tire
thinking of centering the rear end, putting 24's in the rear, 22's in front and sitting the stance once they are on.



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