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Bone Stock
Impala SS
Dark Cherry Metallic
SS, CD player
I bought the 1995 in 1997 with 30k miles still on the original BFG tires and a little factory warranty remaining. I bought a really good extended warranty as well. I drove the car as my daily driver until it had 78k miles. I’d power brake or get the car sideways daily. That’s when I sold the car to my half sister with the stipulation that I’d buy it back when she was ready to sell. I purchased the car back in the fall of 2007 with 119k miles. It looked identical to when I sold it to her because she garage parked it and she works for Tampa International Airport so it was parked in parking deck. It had one ding that wasn’t on it when I sold it to her. It has 121k miles on it today. I just dropped the car off at the body shop and have started the full restoration. So many parts have been discontinued.
Bone Stock and will be put back in service as my daily driver after the full restoration that I’ve begun.


Completely stock
Currently pulling all of the glass and stripping the paint down to bare metal for a respray of Dark Cherry Metallic.
OEM Delco CD player
Original stock
Wheel and Tire
OEM wheels that RimGaurd will be restoring. I’ll put Nitto NT555 summer tires on the front and Nitto NT555R drag radials on the rear if they are offered in my size. Well, I found out the Nitto NT555RII drag radial is not available in the 255/50/17. I don’t want to increase fender to wheel gap and currently have 30 hours tire shopping. Ugh, I ended up with 80-90 hours of research and have come full circle. It looks like the Nitto NT555 G2 Ultra High Performance Summer Tire in the factory size is going to meet my needs the best.


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My brother-in-law had these garbage tires installed for my half sister a nephews to ride around in. I put Michelin Pilot Sport a/s 3 tires on my wife’s BMW 3 Series and my BMW 550i. Yokohama WR speed rated on my son’s Civic Si. What is a Fuzion Tire? Sam’s or Costco?
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Factory 17” wheel ~ tire options
Nitto Tire Japan Tires
I bought from Tires Nation eBay store for “Bone Stock” ordered from California. I have about 80 hours of research in the tire choice I made. I really wanted a drag radial for the rear of my car. Nitto didn’t offer my size in their NT555RII drag radial that was designed to run with the Nitto NT555 G2. 255/50/17 has become an oddball size these days. I started looking at different aftermarket wheels in an 18” so I could buy the drag radials. I came full circle and decided to run a Nitto NT555 G2 on all 4 corners. Tires Nation eBay store had better prices than their own website listing. My price included free shipping from California to my home in Clayton which is just East of Raleigh, North Carolina. The tires weigh almost 30 lbs each making free shipping a major plus. I tried to get Just Tires to match the price. I’d prefer to keep my money locally. The Goodyear is 2.5 miles from my house, but they couldn’t get close to my price.
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