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General Information

S10 Blazer 4x4
Dark Blue
Picked it up to use as a winter/beater/whenever I need a truck for something. The LT1 swap and 4x4 were just bonuses. Got it cheap due to an overheating condition the previous owner couldn't figure out. Motor had supposedly been freshened up before being put in. Original motor had blown a head gasket. I found a ton of sludge in the radiator that seemed to confirm that it had previously blown a head gasket, and also explained the overheating. Swapped the rad with a junk yard unit, flushed everything out and has mostly been fine since. Only really weird thing is fans never turn on. I have a switch wired in to turn them on manually, and they are wired correctly to the PCM, but they don't work. I suspect either very wrong temp set in the tune, or that circuit is just bad in the PCM (it can happen apparently).
1993 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4 (Dark Blue)


LT1 swapped from a '97 Camaro Z28. Very restrictive earlier f-body exhaust manifolds (it's what fits). Someday I'll put headers on it and redo the exhaust (currently being choked by the factory 2¼" single exhaust).
Bone stock, smells a little funny.
Looks like a '93 S10, it ain't pretty, but you'll never expect it to smoke you either.
Old aftermarket radio I had laying around from roughly 15 years ago.
Sucks harder than a hooker who has rent due.
Wheel and Tire
Factory wheels, don't mind the look. Put some nice Cooper All-Terrain tires on it, doesn't mind the snow one bit, even with open diffs. Eventually I'll get a posi into at least the rear-end. I did manage to get it stuck in some really soupy mud once.



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