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General Information

SS LT1 5.7 V8
I bought my SS in Sept. of 2012 when I was a sophomore in HS. I treasure this car very much, and I take pride in how it looks and runs. The car had 246xxx miles when I bought it and now has 252xxx miles and is rising fast!
1995 Chevy Impala (DCM)


When I first bought the car I performed the First Base and Home Plate delete. More recently I took out the air pump to clear out the bay for some headers that will hopefully come this winter. This summer I had a Pypes X Pipe for the Impala SS installed that are then fed through some cheapy Thrush mufflers.
My interior is stock as of now with the exception of new rear seats, and a very derpy chrome column shift nob.
The car has Dark Cherry Metallic paint, and a blue bow-tie that I added just for kicks.
My car has a Kenwood head unit and speakers/sub woofers. The subs are not big at all, but they have a quality sound and get the job done for what I need.
Most of the Impala N' Caprices friends I cruise with are into the slammed look. So I bought an extra pair of rear Eibach 1" drop springs from a friend he no longer needed. I also added some Monroe SS shocks. The car looks good but need to come down in the front. I plan on lowering it even more and getting a real aggressive rake to it.
Wheel and Tire
The first thing I wanted to do when I bought the car was buy some TT 2 style wheels. While researching them I came across a brand of wheels by the name of Ridler. They have a bigger lip than the TT and are way cheaper. SO I went with them in and 18 inch by 8. Do I wish I would have went with a larger width? YES, but my dad does not let me waste money on cars so I needed to get something that would not force me to burn even more of a whole in my pocket for tires. I had the wheels fitted with some Dunlop Direzza tires. I love the old school muscle look so I got the bulgiest sidewall that I could find.



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