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John Deere Blitz Black
This car started off as a city car in Minoa, Ny until 70,000 miles and then to a one man taxi company for 3 years and ended this time with 195,200 miles. in this time the car has had maintenance done to a "T". The car had new ac delco plugs and wires, new rsa on it a new transmission, with a shift improver installed in it. The car had a new rear end put in it and then it was driven none stop for about 3 years it racked up about 220,000 miles regular maintenance was done by the owner at the time and then it sat for 5 years at a little shop in Ballston Spa, Ny until I bought it for $500.00 for a winter car. It was taxi yellow. Since my friend delt in volume in these cars he had a stock pile of impala & Caprice parts. i hauled the car away and then it started tinke here and there and now she has made several trips down south to alabama, florida, mississippi, louisiana and back to upstate ny. I will be posting pictures in a few.
1994 Chevy Caprice (John Deere Blitz Black)


nothing the needed maintenance.
nothing done just added mates and tint 2% limo static tint, a Cb connex 3300HP with a Texas Star DX500HDV, a whelen 295 hfsa1 and (2) 100 watt speakers behind the grille, mounted a tree on the floor for all the electronics, i also set up the radio to play through the pa speakers with a cutoff switch. more to come.
The car was originally white, and then taxi yellow and now John Deere Blitz Black (FLAT BLACK FOR SHORT). Wheel wells in the back the molding was removed and filled with all metal not bondo (nothing against bondo)I took off all the trim, the door molding, wheel wells and the window trim. painted the trims a flat black painted the mirrors, bumpetts, all the trim, blanked off all roof holes (welded) left the trunk mount antenna, put a impala grill on and flat blacked it i wanted to try a new color and liked the idea of a tractor piant that my dad had used years ago.
the ability to play the music through the whelen setup.
all new moog parts for steering, billstien shocks
Wheel and Tire
factory steel wheels wrapped with a set of RSA that were almost new give a take 2500 miles. and a set of 22inch rims flat black vinyl wrapped.



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