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Purchased (with cash) new by a couple in VA who traveled a lot, judging by keyrings ate by the back seat, and probably pulled a camper due to the reese hitch and trailer brake controler.

Donated in 2001 to the purple heart foundation and sold to a lot at auction. It changed lots a time or two (or three), the lot I bought it from in early '08 had it four years. He assumed it didn't sell due to the color, since he had sold several other B body wagons. I offered $1500 cash, and he said he was losing a little, but he would take it - he had the car long enough. It had about 160k on it.

It now has 226k, and has a built 700R4 from a local shop. Its on its second JY engine, the first installed at 185k, the second at 225... I'll keep putting JY engines in it until I can get an L31-R, or build a cast 383 with an LT1 cam and vortec heads.

I have thought about an LSx swap, but having owned an LT1 B body in the past, I searched for a TBI car for its simplicity, and I plan to keep the TBI, because of its simplicity.

I used to call it "the wagon" or "the yacht." My daughter renamed the car when she was four, and I drove home in a Honda Accord. She said the Honda was "a little car," and the Caprice was "The Big Car." The names stuck.
1993 Chevy Caprice (Gold)


94 9C1 alternator, LT1 radiator, expansion tank, and fans. Locally built 700R4, otherwise stock.
Mustang bucket seats fitted to the power sliders. Riviera console in process.
Woodgrain removed, stainless CB antenna on a custom mount...

Future plans involve a little patchwork and flat black paint.
Nothing special aftermarket stereo, cobra 18 CB.
Air shocks replaced with police shocks, otherwise stock.
Wheel and Tire
17x9 Cragar 342s, falken tires (stock SS size). future plans include read painted rims, and custom stainless mini "moon" discs I made myself.


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