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  1. Exterior
    Just installed my rebuilt engine and Cowl hood. Added Jet Hot Coating to headers so engine compartment temp is much lower than previous. Looking for opinion and experience from anyone that has installed a cowl and if you installed something new, reinstalled stock or deleted your insulation...
  2. Exterior
    Has anyone painted, wrapped or stripped the cowl section of an aftermarket 2” cowl hood in flat or matte black while keeping the rest of the hood stock black metallic? Looking for any pictures or ideas how to create a mild stand out for the cowl. Was inspired by a Camaro at auction and now am...
  3. Exterior
    Hey guys - looking for anyone that has Goodmark or KeyParts Cowl Hoods. Key Parts @ $551 (plus $134 shipping - $685 total) - KeyParts 0829-035 Key Parts Steel Hoods | Summit Racing Goodmark @ $886 (plus $134 shipping - $1,020 total) - Goodmark GMK4049200911 Interested in your thoughts...
1-3 of 3 Results