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  1. Interior
    Owned my 1996 Impala SS DCM since 1996. It's my daily driver and has 185k miles on it. Thanks to everyone on this forum, going back many years, as well as other sources, I managed to resolve the following items. To pay back I share the experience with you. Odometer resurrected. It took 2 tries...
  2. Interior
    hello my friends the odometers in my impala 96 appears sometimes and sometimes not i want to know which the fuse that it Cling to it and what is the problem if it is not the bad fuse maybe ?
  3. Interior
    Hey guys I’m new to the site .. finally bought my 96 impala n love it ... just wanted to show some people with some time and effort your dashboard can be saved .. I used some auto degreaser and a magic eraser a few times to clean the dash. I lightly rinsed it until last ol the degreaser was gone...
1-3 of 3 Results