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  1. Electrical
    Hello everyone ! tell me the interchangeability of the airbag 94-96 impala blocks. On my 94 there is an error in the memory of the block, I want to put a working block where the pillows did not work. If I change, will the unit work (the rest of the system is pillows, the sensor is working properly)
  2. Engine Performance
    Is there an cheap, but effective way to repair these headers there burning a hole in hoses and just recently my home plate. (I’m broke) or else I’d just replace them and not to mention I like them just tired of them burning holes in my ****.
  3. Impala SS/Caprice for sale
    Looking to purchase a Impala SS, black is highly preferred. under $10,000 Located in Portland, OR. 503-680-6392
  4. New Member Introductions
    I like to do work on my car myself if i can. Lately ive been throwing a fuel injector code, put cleaner in it replaced the spark plugs now its still throwing the code and my engine light blinks when i press on the gas. Whats the easiest way to swap the bad one out?? I cant find any video to show...
  5. Drivetrain
    Hey everyone the lt1 in my 95 SS siezed the other day toying with some ideas on what I wanna do with her had the thought of a 12 valve swap just wondering if anyone has done this and as cool as it would be to have is it worth the hassle? Otherwise I'm probably gonna buy a 2500 gas truck and 6l...
  6. Wheels & Tires
    Front driver side rim is cracked, looking for a replacement. Willing to buy 2 for the right price. Hit me up!
  7. Complete Car Builds
    I’m sharing my 1995 Impala SS Junkyard Rescue Restoration Project. I bought this car over a year ago bombed around in it and, I decided to do a body off frame restoration. I am not a Pro I am doing this project to learn new skills and actually complete a project of this magnitude. I gained a lot...
  8. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Could anyone tell me what this line goes to I believe it’s part of the reason my car has been saying reduced power/ speed. I already replaced the transmission the throttle body. I don’t think it’s the transmission itself I just replaced it a little over a year.
1-8 of 8 Results