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  1. Caprice
    Good day, everyone. I found a 1991 Caprice Classic with a dark red exterior and a red leather interior for $6,500. The car has 61K miles on it and has no problems whatsoever except for the driver window. I know the price is a little high, but this is the only Caprice I could find that isn't...
  2. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Hello I just recently purchased a 1996 super sport Impala with 16,000 original miles no modifications whatsoever. After driving it off the dealership I noticed it had low gas. Like the needle was in the red already. i put a full tank of unleaded regular. While driving it on the freeway I...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Got it for a great price planning to keep it mostly stock.
  4. Impala SS/Caprice for sale
    I hate to do it but: 1996 Impala SS - $16,500 - Located in Northampton, PA 18067 62,XXX miles 5.7 Liter LT1 20# Turbo Boost 3" Borla Exhaust MSD Ignition 3.73 Gears I've owned this SS now for 10 years and always has been garaged. I have the original engine components if you would want to...
1-4 of 4 Results