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  1. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Can someone tell me what hose this is…my headers burnt a damn hole in it and also any suggestions on what I can do to effectively repair these headers?
  2. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Quick question.. I am in the process of putting my LT1 back together it was sitting in the garage for 10 years a lot of the hoses have to be replaced and full tube up just purchased NGK plugs #3043 but my evap (vacuum) plastic hose that connects to the passenger side of the motor broke now I’m...
  3. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Hi everyone. I have a 85 Buick Regal with an lt1 swap from a 95 impala ss. I’m having a hard time getting it to start. The key turned, with pump primed the fuel pressure is at 40 and when I crank it goes down to 20 and stays there without starting. Crank crank crank and no start. Last time I...
  4. Impala SS/Caprice for sale
    Hi, I am selling my 1995 Caprice Classic that I planned on making my overhauled daily driver, and one thing led to another so it turned into a full rebuild on the powertrain. This is a mainly stock car with the LT1 numbers matching engine and rebuilt transmission. Literally replaced almost...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Got it for a great price planning to keep it mostly stock.
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello from Surrey BC Canada. My name is Sy and after 23+ years of wanting one I finally found and purchased my dream car. Here's the layout(work done by prev owners). Engine:Stroked Lingenfelter LT1 Displacement:383 ci. Camshaft: Lt 4 Hot Cam Heads:CNC ported and Pro-Ported MSD IGNITION...
1-6 of 6 Results