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  1. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    I have been chasing down a few vaccum leaks and i need help identifying this part it doesnt have a part number on it and i cant find a name for it anywhere it sits on the passenger side of the engine and has two vaccum line plug ins and a connection on the back for sensor
  2. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Alrighty guys, quite frankly I’m baffled by this So the full story: car worked great for 10k miles. Car died driving home from 2 miles away and threw P1371, low resolution sensor circuit issue. Knowing the previous owner had replaced it and sometimes misses things, I gave it a once over and...
  3. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    Long time lurker that's been able to find most of what I need through other post but having issues getting it all down. 1996 Impala SS, all oem replacements for past mechanicall issues. Original factory opti finally gave out after 25 years and 140,000 miles. Issue is this, I was traveling...
  4. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    I have a 95 ss and after replacing the opti i can not get it to start. The engine cranks but has no fuel or spark. I did take the crankshaft hub off to replace the seals on the timing cover could it be I did not align it properly when re installing?also i cannot hear the fuel pump kick on. All...
  5. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    So I'm putting together a shopping cart for stuff to service the car. Went looking for Optispark distributor caps and I found whole distributors on Amazon for less than $50. So what do I need to know about these distributors? I mean, they're asking less for the whole thing than other places...
1-5 of 5 Results