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  1. Parts for sale/wanted
    Stock radiator Perfect condition 32,000 miles on radiator Selling only due to engine replacement/upgrade and need for additional cooling. pick up in Newark DE or can deliver if somewhat local. Thanks.
    $120 USD
  2. Heating/Cooling/HVAC
    Hello All, Just picked up my 96 roadmaster wagon, 83k mile AZ car, previous owner says waterpump and 180* thermostat has been replaced and optispark dealt with. Previous owner also installed a computer from, I don't know the details of the tune but he said it needs premium fuel...
  3. Engine Problems/Maintenance
    1995 Impala SS, approximately 39,000 miles. Car doesn't get driven much. Went to check on warm air conditioning and found that the front of the motor is pretty greasy. Also found some pretty extensive sludging in the coolant overflow bottle, smells/feels petroleum based. There's also...
1-3 of 3 Results