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  1. Wagons
    I'm relatively new here, so I don't know if this has already been answered, but are the 3rd gen(77-90) and 4th gen(91-96) frames the same? I'm asking because I need a new transmission crossmember for my 91 Caprice Wagon.
  2. Complete Car Builds
    [editor's note, I'm migrating this over from GMLongRoof forum, so some of this may be repetitive from my Impala build thread] Hey guys, it's about time I posted up my wagon project. I've owned B-bodies since 2003, but in late 2013 my fourth Roadmaster wagon sadly caught fire a week after I...
  3. Wagons
    I'm posting this in the Wagon category rather than Brakes because I'm specifically referring to the unique wagon rear end. I've spent a LOT of time reading up on rear brake upgrade options for my '93 Roadmaster wagon. Seems like the main documented options involve either swapping in a...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello all! I've been lurking for the past 5 months or so using all of the useful information that has been offered here throughout the years to help restore my wagon. I have recently acquired a 1991 Caprice Wagon. Such a huge, beautiful and stylish car! In the past I had a 96 Caprice sedan...
  5. Parts for sale/wanted
    Hi, as the more heavy duty hitch with a 2" receiver that pulls 5000 lbs (?) is no longer available new to purchase I was wondering if someone on the forum may have one used I can buy? Rgds Willy Johannessen
  6. Engine Performance
    I have searched the forums and either I have overlooked it or it hasn't been discussed but... I have a 94 Caprice wagon with the digital dash and I am nearing the end of my LQ4 swap from a '00 Suburban. My question is: Does the 4k signal work with the digital speedometer and, if not, what signal...
  7. Wagons
    I'm just gonna leave this here. Drawing for wagon class 3 hitch side brackets. I lost track of the DXF, but you can probably create one from the flat pattern if you're crafty enough.
1-7 of 7 Results