Window Fix Information for the 1991-96 B-body
By: Bob Ignash 01/20/04
All these pictures are from the passenger rear door.
Removing the door panel and peeling back the plastic water barrier reveals the cause. The rear of the 2 slides on this door are broken.
A shot of the front slide. Not broken... yet.
Another picture of the broken half of the rear slider. This picture also shows the crimped end of the channel which prevented the piece of roller from dropping out of the channel altogether.

Parts needed:

  • Door Panel Retainers (x5) GM PN 15600382 .43 each.
  • Roller GM PN 966-6748 1.74 each (1-2 per window).

Tools needed:

  • Door panel tool.
  • Stubby flathead screwdriver (preferably with a point you can put a wrench on for leverage).
  • Standard phillips screwdriver.
  • Standard set of pliers.
  • Wrench for the stubby screwdriver (cable tie or string for the box end).
  • Band-Aids (optional).

Time Required:

  • 15 minutes once the door panel is off. But I've done a few... Plan about an hour or so.

Getting ready:

Carefully remove the door panel. Remember, the bezel around the handle is supposed to be one piece with the panel. It is attached but is easily broken. The plastic sheet on the door can be folded without removing or ripping and wrapped around the armrest support to get it out of the way. Reattach the window switch, you'll need it to move the regulator up and down.

The Job:

I have never seen the front roller break, only the back one. the front would be the same but would be easier just to take the whole window out. This is where a stubby flat head screwdriver with a square shaft or one like the Snap-On peice that has the area at the base on the handle that you can put a wrench onto helps out (put a cable tie or string on the box end of the wrench so you have something to grab on to if/when you drop it in the door). Use the pliers and pry the track open along the bottom within an inch or so from the end, enough to get the broken roller out. Be careful, the openings in the door can cut you. Getting the new roller in will be a little snug. I used the phillips screwdriver stuck into the hole of the new roller and used the door for leverage to snap it in. You don't need to squeeze the track back because with the window working, it wont go back that far but you can if you wish. Line up the roller with the regulator and with a 2" c-clamp, squeeze the roller on the regulator ball. Your done! It's nice to buy the 5 new clips each door uses to replace the ones that'll likely need to be once it's removed. It'll help cut down on any squeaks later on. Make sure all the clips are in place, put the panel back on and your in business.