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‘95 Impala SS .. Rear speakers not working

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Hey I’m the second owner of 95 impala ss , the first owner installed aftermarket stereo receiver, I wasn’t fan of it so I replaced it and noticed that rear speaker wasn’t working, both stock Delco and after market speakers.. any troubleshooting recommendations? A Noob here..
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First thing I'd do as a newb is find an ebay hardcopy or get get an online subscription to the FSM. Only AFTER that would I check the (very detailed) wiring schematics to ascertain whether the general rule applies that close to 80% of fellas doing their aftermarket systems have managed to pheuch up at least some of the wiring. Finally, I'd be trying to recall real hard whether I had noticed the rears weren't working WITH the existing, or, they just didn't make sound AFTER you replaced it. And of course while you didn't mention it, it's kinda important to know whether the replacement an oem radio or just something else aftermarket? And was it brand new or used? Lotsa variables to track down and weed out.
my apologies I should have been more detailed.. I am noob with 95 impala ss in general. I picked it up maybe a month ago or so, the original aftermarket receiver came with the ss was not new but not old either (clarification, the original harness from car hasn’t been tampered with, it was already hooked up to the adapter between original harness to new receiver and it’s replaced with new harness that’s compatible with new receiver and all wiring diagram is correct) (not my first rodeo with receivers n wiring for sound system) , so I upgraded it with brand new receiver.. replaced door speakers, tested them both before closing up the door panels , no problem at all, replaced the rear corner speakers (both doors and corners I have an adapters for these harnesses so I don’t have to splice into anything or cut anything) and noticed that absolutely no sounds was coming out of these two so I hooked it up to original Delco speakers and there’s no sounds so I checked trunk space for wirings to see if there was worn out wire or anything out of place and everything seems to be intact, I triple checked the receiver wiring diagram as well and I even tested the rear corner speakers Itself and it’s working just fine.. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong heh
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I figure you've done continuity checks between that adapter and the speaker ends, and / or at the actual output end of the unit and the speaker end. Did you get back there and check whether at least a faint 'unhearable' sound. And 'all rear' doesn't load the speakers up with least some overload static? I may have missed it, but did you answer whether there were rears BEFORE your first change?
Yeah I’ve done continuity checks, there was absolutely no sounds, no vibration or whatsoever and yeah stock delco rear corner speaker was there before I switched it out.
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