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Ok FINIALY my wheels cam in well just the rears, anyways I got bored and started to try on my wheels. just to get a good picture of what it will look like ( ok well I know what it would look like I just wanted to do something) Well tryed them on,and on the drivers
side there is about a 2 1-2 finger gap between the frame and the rim, same on the other side also, am I gona be ok with this? I was told that on one side I would need a 1/4 spacer. I just forgot which side.
He are my orginal measurements :
Drivers side
3:00 position 7 1/4
12:00 position 7 6/8
9:00 position 7 7/16
Passenger side
12:00 7 5/8
9:00 7 3/4
3:00 7 1/2
I did order my wheels in a 6.5 Back spacing. I must say damn those wheels are beautiful I can't wait to get some tires
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