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Well, I connected my AutoXray this morning for my hour long daily drive. Within minutes the temp read 150. After about 10 minutes (still sub-50mph driving), it hit 168. After being on the freeway cruising at 73, it fluctuated between 169 and 174. Neither fan ever came on.
It takes about 30 minutes of running the heater on full to warm the car enough that I even think about unzipping my coat and taking my gloves off. According to the scanner, it was 39 outside.

Something else that was odd is my speedo read 73, but the scanner read 77/78. I would have thought those two numbers would match. Seem like the difference starts at about 23mph on the speedo where the scanner shows 24.

So, are those temps enough that I should get more heat than I am (meaning I should flush my heater core)?

My primary fan is programmed to turn on at appox 181-182 degrees with my 160 t-stat (pcm4less tune). It gets there no problem if it sits in traffic long enough. While driving around town, it never goes any higher than approx. 177 degrees. On the highway, it will go as low as 174-175 degrees.

The temp. needle sits just below the 1/4 at 175 degrees and just above the 1/4 mark at 182 degrees.
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