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EDIT: car is sold

This board has been an invaluable source of info for me and don't worry I have another Roadmaster (hearse) so I will still lurk... but here's the sad news (sad for me anyway).

For Sale: 1992 Buick Roadmaster Limited Sedan. $2500 OBO. 151,636 miles and still runs like a top. And everything works great! I am the second owner of this vehicle (first owner bought car in CA, then moved to FL, and traded it in on a Caddy there). I bought it with 100K miles back in 2005 and have driven it for the past five years as a daily driver and the car has been great to me. For the car being 18 years old, it is in terrific shape. I really hate to sell it.

Being a Limited, it has all these fancy options:
leather interior and door panels (all in perfect shape! driver's seat was re-covered before I bought it),
automatic climate control,
3 electric lumbar supports in each front seat,
power seats,
power antenna,
automatic headlights,
keyless entry,
compass in rearview mirror,
power windows (see below),
power locks,
Dynaride suspension (air shocks in rear that auto level the car when there is weight in the back or if you are towing),
auto trunk pull down (currently disabled, see below),
and power mirrors.

All of these items are in perfect working order. I also have all maintenance records of everything I've done while owning it.

These are the modifications, I have made to the car while owning it:
car has window tint legal for my area in Louisiana (50% front doors, 35% rear doors, 20% back window)
class 3 trailer hitch with 4 prong wiring harness
AirLift 1000 airbags installed inside rear springs (these are not for lowering the vehicle, but to help keep the vehicle level when towing)
larger front sway bar (for better handling)
automatic trunk pull down has been disabled (It still works, but I unplugged it because other people would slam my trunk lid and I was afraid it would break. It should work fine if you plug it back in)
stock hubcaps were replaced because they would rattle
transmission cooler
I am also selling the car with the clear floormats and sunshades. They don't fit my other car and they will help you keep the car looking good. :)

Here are some good things:
the leather is in great shape (no rips, tears, or cracks)
dashboard is good too (no cracks at all)
AC blows ice cold (car is still setup for R12)
engine runs great (I am meticulous when it comes to maintenance. I change oil, filters, and all that stuff regularly and I have all records)
I did set the car up for towing, but only towed a small utility trailer a few times (We ended up buying a truck for the big tow jobs)

Here are the few little items that keep the car from being 100% perfect:
current tires do not match, but all have decent tread
passenger side rear window works, but will fall off the track (needs a plastic clip replaced, just never got around to it because I never use it)
gray dye is coming off steering wheel (I just bought a cover for it recently and it worked good enough for me--steering wheel cover goes with the car)
car was repainted before I bought it with lacquer paint along drivers side and it is starting to get dull and I have had to touch up a few spots (factory paint on vehicle is in great shape)
paint on roof was starting to fade (might be lacquer too?), so I touched that up too
I got in a fender bender back in March 2007 and the insurance company totalled the car even though the damage was minimal because of the car's age (I took the insurance money and bought a new hood, fender, headlight, grill, and core support--it got bent a little but radiator got no damage--see my photobucket account for pictures and all documentation). The car was very easy to rebuild, but it now has a salvage title.

This vehicle has the L05 350 V8 rated at 180 HP. And amazingly, the car gets about 30MPG hwy if you're cruising at 60. It goes down to 29MPG if you up to 80. I have also gotten between 18 and 22 MPG in the city. If I would granny it, I could get 22 MPG, but if I got on the car a lot, it would drop down to 18. The worst mileage I ever got was 17.5 in the city. And that was my own fault cuz I was hot dogging it.

Things recently replaced on the vehicle:
Transmission was rebuilt back in January 2010 because it started to slip. So you will have an almost brand new transmission.
Brake master cylinder was replaced in April 2010 (and re-replaced due to lovely Auto Zone part failure in July 2010)
Other things have been swapped out due to old age (like heater cores, idler arms, etc) and I have records for everything.

Visit my photobucket for LOTS of images of the car inside and out: and TA/

You can email me at [mrspence at loyno dot edu], or call my cell at 504-610-8762 if you are interested in this vehicle.

Thanks for looking,

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