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Hello all,
Just picked up a 1992 Olds Custom Cruiser that needs some help in regards to the suspension. End goal for the car is street/strip car. I'm not looking to run 10 second 1/4 miles and set records on the autocross track but rather have a fun car to drive and not be embarrassed at the stop light. Currently on 235/60R17 rubber but needing to change soon as they are unsafe due to age and wear(open to new size tires as well). As it sits I have no idea what has been done but the front spindles say belltech on them, one rear shock is complety broken off the axle end, neither rear shocks are attached to the air compressor that doesn't work anyways. This car sits way too low for me and bottoms out on everything. Going to order all new control arms with bushings and balljoints and steering up front as well as new bushings for the rear control arms. After reading through this site and seeing this post (Moog 7268 (f) and CC625 (r) - Finished pic) I am thinking about getting some Moog 7268 for the front and Moog CC625 for rears as well as Bilsteisn Front: 24-011044 Rear: 20-009294.

Problem I am running into is finding the Moog CC625's, Moog shows them on their page but can't seem to find them instock/for sale anywhere.
Guess I am looking for a little guidence on getting the Wagon back to a dafe driveable state that is also fun. Figure I should get suspension and brakes figured out before I build a 383 that I have in the corner of the shop :)
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